Green Your Datacenter

You may or may not know that Winter Street has a specialty in green datacenter design. We have always been a firm who integrated technology into our practice and process.  From our move to Building Information Modeling as our primary tool in 2003, to our drive towards understanding the technology of our clients like BOSE, Sun Microsystems and Johnson Controls.

 “Technology aids in a company’s ability to remain relevant and competitive. So the better we can integrate state of the art technology in our designs and our process, the better our clients are poised to remain innovative and profitable in this uncertain marketplace,” Mark Meche, Winter Street Architects.

As part of our technology integration practice, we are presenting with Sun Microsystems at the Uptime Institute Symposium in NYC, April 13th – 16th.  We’ll be sharing emerging best practices in green datacenter design, addressing not only the IT but the facilities as well.  In addition, as practitioners in the field we regularly have clients who plan for the next best thing in datacenter technology and design, but can’t get buy-in despite the obvious payback in the future.  How do you cross this chasm? Do make the move at all?  Is there a way to determine what to fight for and what to leave behind? We’ll share some entry points with you which you may find surprising and all the while inspiring. 

Come check out Mark Meche, AIA (founding partner of WSA), Annette Popp Austraw, AIA LEED AP and our friend and associate Tony Cataliotti, Senior Datacenter Efficiency Consultant from Sun Microsystems –  presenting at the Premier Keynote Interview on Monday, April 13th at 10:15am.  This executive roundtable is a great chance to catch up on the industry insights from Sun, IBM and Johnson Controls. 

Check out the symposium online – there is a free two day pass if your register online, and those who are linkedin users can get a $1000 discount off regular registration:

Uptime Institute Symposium: 
LinkedIn User Discount:


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