Growing the Creative Economy

Paul Durand Appointed to Creative Economy Council’s ‘For-Profit Working Group’

Founding Principal of Winter Street Architects Paul Durand was appointed to Creative Economy Council's For-Profit Working Group

Founding Principal of Winter Street Architects Paul Durand was appointed to Creative Economy Council's For-Profit Working Group

As part of the Commonwealth’s new effort to support the Creative Economy, the Massachusetts Office of Business Development has appointed local business professionals and organization leaders to the ‘Creative Business’ Working Group of the Creative Economy Council. Paul Durand from Winter Street Architects was nominated and appointed to the ‘For-Profit Creative Business Working Group,’ by Patricia Zaido, Executive Director of the Salem Partnership.

“When I was asked to recommend a North Shore architect to sit on a working group for the statewide Creative Economy Council, I immediately thought of Winter Street Architects and Paul Durand        . Why? Because Winter Street Architects is one of the premier creative and technologically cutting edge firms on the North Shore and because Paul Durand         has a reputation for being community minded and for always doing a superb professional job in whatever he undertakes.” – Patricia Zaido, Executive Director, The Salem Partnership

Massachusetts is the first state in the nation to appoint a Creative Economy Industry Director, Jason Schupbach, and to advocate in part for Creative Economy Policy. In 2008, the Creative Economy Association of the North Shore (CEANS), in conjunction with The Enterprise Center at Salem State College and the The Salem Partnership, commissioned an Economic Development Report on the Creative Economy. This study found that there are more than 2,200 creative enterprises on the North Shore who employ nearly 20,000 people and counting.

Creative Economy Association of the North Shore

The creative economy represents 10 to 12 percent of the North Shore’s total private sector and contributes to more than $3 Billion to the local economy. This is a significant figure; by comparison, it’s larger than the share of biotech and manufacturing industries within the Boston metro economy. In short, creative economy enterprises are an important contributor to economic development in Massachusetts.” – Jennifer Lincoln, Director of Marketing, Creative Economy Association of the North Shore.

The Creative Economy Council is a legislated Council housed at the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development. The Working Groups were created to support the work of the Council and the goal of the Council’s work is to collect the most innovative ideas and policies to grow the Creative Economy, including support and expansion for the for-profit creative sectors: film, television, industrial design, architecture, gaming, music, publishing, advertising, etc. These ideas will be presented in a report to the Legislature due July 1st 2009.

Given the diverse backgrounds and type of companies that are represented, the first meeting of the Working Groups were held roundtable style, to allow for the diverse opinions in the room to be voiced. Paul Durand representing the North Shore and Winter Street’s respective industry experience in Architecture, Design, and Planning was the first to present from the ‘For-Profit Working Group.’

Some of Paul’s suggestions for policy review related to Architecture & Design include:

  1. Educate, incentivize and promote Integrated Project Delivery for state and municipal building projects
  2. Educate, incentivize and promote better technology and design convergence, like utilizing Building Information Modeling on public projects
  3. Support increased funding for sustainable building and LEED certification in public projects
  4. Support increased scholarships and grants for design related education
  5. Integrate business management education at the college level for design related degrees

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