Needham Going Green

(By: Mike Fields, Project Manager)

Nestled into a grove of pine trees alongside the Needham Reservoir, the form of the Needham Public Services Administration Building is a response to ecological constraints, setbacks, and its relationship to the adjacent Water Building. A large portion of the green aspects in this building is the energy and water savings.  The building strives for low power consumption through the employment of ground source heating and cooling (geothermal energy), sun controls at the larger windows, a light colored roof, and a well insulated and economical building envelope. The site itself features 100% storm water reclaimation which eliminates pollutant runoff into the water treatment facility and local water sources. The materials used on the exterior (like the aluminum siding) and the interior (like carpet and paint) are all high recycled content and low VOC materials. 

At the street the PSAB has a monolithic metallic tiled exterior with playful windows across its facade and as you come around to the parking side, different panel styles open the building up to the public. A ledgestone masonry wall grounds the corner near the main entrance to draw people in.

The exterior work is beginning to wrap up on the PSAB which is slated for completion by the end of the year. Interior walls have all been framed, building utilities are well underway, and the connection to the geothermal wells should begin in the next few weeks.

This 21,000 sqft office building will act as swing space while the Historic Needham Town Hall is renovated; the PSAB will ultimately house department such as the DPW, parks and forestry, planning, and other town services.



Rendering on top; In progress construction on bottom

Rendering on top; In progress construction on bottom

 Sustainable elements of Needham

4 Responses to “Needham Going Green”
  1. nice building but what makes it “green” is it energy neutral? are the materials locally sourced or recycled?……what are you using for white roof?
    I am looking for something to cover a edpm roof still looking.

    • Thanks for the comments, we added some more detail on the building’s green elements as well as a graphic which explains the items per the standard categories. For the white roof we feature a white aggregrate (pea stone). The roof is also primed fro future integration of solar panels, so the building will have two renewable energy sources – geothermal and solar. Many people forget that green isn’t just carpet and paint, its energy reduction and monitoring which this building features a lot of.

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