Where Do Architects Live?

Paul's House - Open Living Room

The online magazine Archimag.de posted a story today on a concept I think few of us actually know well: Where and How do Architect’s live? Is it likened to the case of the cobbler with the worst shoes or is it rather that an Architect must start anew or renovate at any chance he gets? Paul Durand of Winter Street Architects was posed this very question and opened his 1959 midcentury modern home up for your viewing pleasure. Here is an excerpt of the article, and check out the full feature with more pictures here:

When was your home built?

Paul Durand [pd]: 1959 by Boston, Massachusetts Architect David Abrahams.

How would you describe the style of your home?

PD: Classic midcentury Modern, California Styled Ranch.

The house is a classic, midcentury modern home built in 1959. It was the dream of a young couple, Ed and ellaine Weisman who lived in Swampscott. They bought land in a new, secluded development in Wenham and hired Boston architect David Abrahams to design a California Ranch Styled for New England. The house is modest and elegant and grand at the same time. Not huge, but spacious and efficient. Not ordinary, even in peculiar ways, but beautiful nonetheless. The house is tucked into the side of a steep hill providing privacy as the ground rises up behind and provides vistas as it drops away steeply in front. This gave rise to an inverted layout where the main entry winds around to the back of the house and the traditional “backyard” is out front. Landscaping and sculptures give you a clue but it is common for first time comers and the pizza delivery guy to climb up steep embankments and wander around the glazed living area seeking the “front door” which is actually located in the rear. The main space revolves around a grand gesture of an angular stone and chestnut wormed fireplace that faces a large living / dining area with a ceiling that soars upwards, and terminates far beyond a wall of glass. The glass faces south and extends perfectly to deny July sun but welcomes it back during frosty December. Opposite is the kitchen / breakfast area where abundant but shorter glazing provides views to a garden and beyond to the wooded hillside.

Did you have the house designed, remodeled or did you inhabit it as it was?

PD: Aside from minor repairs, we inhabit the house exactly as it was built.

Full article: http://www.archimag.de/vorgestellt/2009/das-haus-von-paul-durand-winter-street-architects/
(starts off in German, Q&A in English – also see the translator button for your choice of 8 languages)

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