What Makes Sustainability Personal for You?

Our friends at Shaw are asking a great question this week during GreenBuild: What Makes Sustainability PERSONAL for You? For every response they get on twitter tagged #ShawGreenEdge until 5:00pm 11/19/2010, they will donate $1 to the Make It Right foundation, which supports green home building for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Check out Shaw Green Edge and watch the live stream here: http://tweetchat.com/room/ShawgreenEdge.

In the spirit of sustainable giving, we polled our office with this question and here is what some of them had to say:

  • It takes more energy to NOT be sustainable:  stay close , use less, and experience more
  • Mother Nature is trying to tell us something, let’s listen
  • Through my sustainable actions: Practice, Enjoy, Spend and Share Locally
  • Consider all the big and little choices with their impact on sustainability. short commute, no plastic bags, trash, windows
  • Practice and always advocate for the best Sustainable design solution
  • Sustainability is about creating and providing healthier living environments and lifestyles. It would be reckless to want otherwise.
  • A personal impact on the environment can be achieved through  small inexpensive and easily attainable steps
  • I want my children to live in a healthier world, and my personal actions effect that future
  • Think Global; but be, act and live local
  • Sustainability isn’t about buildings or products, its about people
  • A minimal impact on the natural world
  • Sustainability is personal to me because it melds my two loves—great designs and environmental respect.
  • I look to the future of America and hope that my family’s respect for the environment will continue to grow. We all need to take care of our part.
  • Sustainability allows me to brush my teeth with clean water, and not everybody has that luxury.
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