eBay Announces Big Win for Team Winter Street Architects and AHA Consulting Engineers

For the past year Winter Street Architects along with EDI, and AHA Consulting Engineers has been working with eBay on their modular data center in Phoenix, Arizona.  Just as the design work for eBay’s modular data center in Phoenix  winds downs, the design work for a new project in Utah amps up.

Of course this new project was not simply handed to us.  As a way to find the most innovative and creative ideas in data center design eBay procured proposals through a public process, meaning we were up against 20 other qualified firms.  All our hard work paid off when we learned eBay selected team Winter Street Architects and AHA Consulting Engineers for the job.

Winter Street Architects and AHA Consulting Engineers’ compelling submission was selected for the thoroughness of our response, creativity of our design, and our ability to execute.  The cost-effective design includes free cooling year round, room for expansion, and the flexibility to keep up with rapidly changing technologies.  

Unique to our  submission was a section outlining lessons learned from eBay’s first modular data center competition in Phoenix…here we go again!

For more information visit:



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