Location, Location, Location

(By Mary Beth Di Figlia, AIA) The corporate headquarters, the airport, our client’s conference room, the local coffee shop…where we work is truly dependent of what we are required to do on that day and with whom.  So how effective are even the most cutting edge corporate workplaces if 40, 50, even 60% are vacant … Continue reading

Change is Good (and Green)

Like most people and firms, we at Winter Street Architects try to consistently advocate for sustainability and develop our “green” culture.  We took the first step in this journey back in 2000 when we saved the historic Newmark building on Essex Street and revitalized it for office and retail space. Since then we have adopted an aggressive … Continue reading

Supporting Change through Design: Transformative Work Environments

A transformative work environment aims us toward a different condition, a new way of inhabiting a place of work and a new way of communicating with each other. It is one which recognizes that what we’ve done even just a few years ago is not appropriate to replicate because so many current influencers were not part of the criteria which gave rise to that solution.

Innovate and Collaborate for the Creative Economy

Winter Street’s own Allison Brooks was  featured as part of the Creative Economy Association of the North Shore’s newest video about the organization’s mission, benefits and support of the thriving creative community at large.  Check it out and if you are a creative business owner looking to connect with like minds and leverage industry insight, … Continue reading

The Long View Approach

(By: Heather the Intern) Being innovative in this rocky market often means going out and actively looking for clients rather than waiting for clients to find you; and sometimes that means stepping outside your “bubble,” which is exactly what Winter Street is thinking and doing. This past week, I sat in on a meeting with Paul Durand, a … Continue reading

Introducing Heather, the Intern

A summer internship can be a deeply rewarding learning experience for many young people, and in this spirit of learning, we invited our newest summer intern Heather to write about her journey with our crazy clan at Winter Street.  Check out her unique story in our newest series from “Heather the Intern.” – Allison, Director … Continue reading

Marathon Man

On Monday, April 20th – what Massachusetts fondly refers to as Patriot’s Day – Winter Street’s Co-founder Mark Meche ran the Boston Marathon in 4 hours 13 mins! Running in honor of his son, Alexander and the MGH doctors at Cancer Care for Children, Mark was able to raise over $10,000 to be used for … Continue reading

Hello World!

We live and breathe architecture that is good for the environment and good for business. Our firm is built on partnerships, a communal office culture and innovative tools.