No. 11 Largest Interior Design Firm in Boston Area!

Winter Street Architects is proud to announce that it has been ranked #11 in the Boston Business Journal’s List of Area’s Largest Interior Design Firms!  Up from #14 last year, our dedicated designers and staff helped make 2009 one of Winter Street’s best, which we are proud and honored to have accomplished in light of … Continue reading

Your Friendly “Glocal” Architect

As architects, in many ways we are forced to work “locally” – think “locally” and manage “locally.” In fact, there are rules about it, governing how and why and when this can happen. But in the larger world of this ever expanding global economy, our networks, knowledge centers and collaboration nodes are far exceeding our “local” reach towards the complex “global” system. How does this change the way we “local” architects work?

Transcending at Tribeca

WSA’s Founding Principal’s Paul Durand     and Mark Meche    , and Director of Business Development Allison Brooks with famed futurist Ray Kurzweil. *from left: Paul Durand    , Ray Kurzweil, Allison Brooks, Mark Meche Technology has always played a critical role in the ways and means of Winter Street Architects, from our early adoption of BIM in 2002 to … Continue reading