Thought Leaders

Paul Durand, AIA
Founding Partner + Senior Principal

Paul Durand, AIA - Founding Partner and Senior Principal

Paul Durand is a founding principal of Winter Street Architects where he leads the firm’s vision to provide high quality designs that make a client’s business better. He is an adventurer: climbing frozen waterfalls, making first assents on unclimbed routes and scaling high peaks.  Paul takes his adventurous spirit to the workplace; leading the industry frontier with tools and methods that revolutionize the way things are done to benefit the firm’s clients.  He was quick to realize that Building Information Modeling and Integrated Project Delivery would greatly improve how architects, design consultants and constructors work together to provide a better product at a reduced cost. Paul on LinkedIn.

Mark Meche, AIA
Founding Partner + Senior Principal

Mark Meche, AIA - Founding Partner and Senipr Principal

Mark Meche is a founder of Winter Street Architects, and the award-winning design firm’s Principal Architect since 1987.  As leader of the firm’s technology integration practice, Mark has been a key change agent for innovation within the firm, which is an early adopter of innovative technologies for BIM and IPD. He sees a parallel between the adaptability of the team to the client’s problem, and the nimble integration of technology into design solution, design process, and project delivery. Mark on LinkedIn.

“I am always eager to try new things, I think it is essential to remain critical, quickly adopting technologies that lift us up, rejecting those that weigh us down.”

Dana Weeder, AIA, LEED AP

Dana Weeder, AIA, LEED AP

After graduating with a degree in Art from Williams College and a Master of Architecture from Rice University, Dana began his career in the sweatshops of boutique design studios.   He then experienced a full range of firm types ranging from a one person sole proprietor to a 200+ corporate firm.  It was only then that he realized his true calling and joined Winter Street Architects in the Fall of 2005.

As an architect and designer for over 20 years, Dana’s experience ranges from high rise multi-use construction to furniture design to boat design and construction.  He brings his interest in regionally focused, sustainable design into every project. Dana on LinkedIn.

Brian DiLuiso, AIA

Brian DiLuiso, AIA

Mr. DiLuiso has provided professional design services on both large and small construction projects, including LEED Certified, adaptive reuse and interior renovation ventures.  Mr. DiLuiso is the Principal Account Manager for Winter Street’s Life Sciences and Healthcare program which includes a 10+ year on-call relationship with Harvard Medical School.

With a passion for the sciences his clients utilize, Brian works to integrates state of the art technologies into all of his laboratory, pharmaceutical and healthcare projects. Brian on LinkedIn.


Annette Popp AIA, LEED AP

Senior Associate

Annette Popp Austraw, AIA, LEED AP

Graduate of the Bauhaus School of Architecture in Germany, Annette is a passionate designer, green enthusiast and early adopter of state of the art technologies. After coming to the United States, she earned a Master of Architecture degree at Ball State University and honed her expertise with new construction on both large and small-scale buildings for high-tech facilities, fire stations, institutional and corporate interiors. With over 13 years of experience, she excels at project management, and gives special attention to architectural and technical aspects of the design process. As a LEED Accredited Designer, Annette also brings dedicated sustainable design expertise to her projects, with an eye on benefits for both the client and the environment. Annette on LinkedIn.

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